Leesa Wyzard


Welcome to my site!

I’m a Jack Queen of all trades and master of some!  421722_10150712318983092_1624862473_n

I wear many hats and stay pretty busy with being a professional as well as a normal, every day domestic engineer.  Besides building and managing websites, I spend my time taking care of my family, exercising, playing with our beloved dogs, and quilting! Don’t ask me which of those I have mastered because it depends on the day. =)

As a person, I am self-driven. I am always looking for my next project and eager to begin something new. I consider myself a problem solver, being able to think outside the box to provide solutions to complex problems. Keeping on top of projects and making sure all parts get finished at the right time is one thing I do best. The ability to juggle projects and never missing a deadline didn’t just develop through my professional experience. I’ve learned to budget my time and my assets, and most importantly, I’ve learned to be flexible and to get things done.

Let’s talk soon!