Leesa Wyzard


I have been building websites for over 15 years! I started out with a very simple user interface that made all my graphics enormous and cumbersome.  These were in the dial-up internet days, so huge web pages were not cool did not work well.

That software graduated to Dreamweaver, way back before it was an Adobe product and Microsoft Expression Web to build sites in ASP.NET.  Pretty much, a client would come to me wanting a site, a flash, graphic, clip in one form or another, hand me some software and tell me to figure it out! And that’s exactly what I did.

For the past several years, I proudly helped birth OSUgiving.com from the original conception meeting to where it was in May 2012.



Here are some other sites I’ve created this year so far:


JeffWyzard Inspection SewingDoneRight



I’ve built sites in HTML 4 & 5, CSS 2 & 3, and have recently added WordPress and GoDaddy Site Builder sites to my resume.

I’d love to work on a project with you.

Let’s talk soon!